Friday, September 9, 2011

Your Highness

Whitney, you're my queen.  Actually, you're Brighton High's Queen!  Homecoming Queen!  How will you reign?  I suggest tyranny and a strict dictatorship... heehee!  Seriously, I am so proud of you!  And proud of Brighton for choosing such an awesome girl to represent them.

For those who may think that this was just a popularity contest, let me educate you in the ways of BHS's rigorous selection process:
1.  First off, did you know there are over 600 Seniors at BHS?  (There were almost 800 when I was there!)  Let's assume that half of them are female, leaving us with 300 possible candidates.

2.  Each "club" at Brighton nominates a girl.  Whitney was nominated by the Men's Association.  So she's off to a good start already.  (When I was a senior, I was nominated by the Madrigals [the singing club]!)  Now the pool is down to about 30 girls.

3.  After getting nominated, the candidates must go through an interview with a panel of three adults not affiliated with BHS.  (This was terrifying to me at age 17, and I totally choked.)  Whitney did not choke.  She prepared her answers, wore an incredible outfit, and won the judges over.  8 Candidates left.

4.  Did you think the hard part was over?  HA!  (There's a slight chance I might have actually "thrown" the interview so I didn't have to do the next step...)  The final 8 contestants must create a skit performed by them and them ALONE to be performed for the entire school.  The rules this year: A-wear Brighton colors (Orange and Blue - hello!), B-incorporate a Brighton "Cheer" into your skit.  This is where the Palmer Genes came into play.  When you don't know what to do, make up a song!  Whitney chose well in hiring Matt as her campaign manager, and he helped Whitney turn a football cheer into a clever and memorable song.  Whitney played her ukelele (key) and let loose singing about Touchdowns here, there and everywhere.

5.  The School Votes.

6.  Whitney Wins!  Do you know why?  Because she's a-gorgeous, b- nice to everyone, c- not afraid to let loose with a cool ukelele song.  You go girl.  This is YOUR weekend!  Love you!


Cindy's Custom Creations said...

Is that ukelele song/skit floating around youtube anywhere? Sounds like she more than earned her title!

Ultimate Poster Child for Optimism said...

GO WHITNEY!!!!! Here's another reason why I lover her-she dresses modestly :)

Luana said...

That is great!