Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This is why it took us two days to get to Utah:
This is what we saw outside our motel in Panguitch when we woke up.
Don't tell Ollie he's wearing a girls' hat.
Mini Snow Beast:
The Canyon Lodge Motel parking lot!
Pitching the first snowball:
Now we're finally in Salt Lake!
On Monday, we went skiing at Solitude. There was no one there.
Here we are in G. Palmer's front yard this morning:

Ultra Mini Snow Beast:


Here's the final product! The Loch Ness Snow Monster!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall festival!

Everyone had their favorite part: Eli, the petting zoo.

Ivy, a pony ride.

Lizzie's thinking that maybe she's getting a little too old for pony rides...
But when you're not looking, she quite enjoyed herself!
And Oliver LOVED those roly, poly pumpkins!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trumpet Buzz Twinkle. Don't miss it.

Eli has a rare genetic talent that has been passed down to him through the Palmer side. It skips a generation and is usually found in males. Useful for entertaining in parking lots. We hope that one day, his own grandson will be able to duet with him too.

Fabulous Fall Break

Disneyland!! We LOVE the Haunted Mansion - moohaha!!
do ya think they're related???
It IS a small world, after all. :)
observe the bib.
First time in Legoland!

Don't check your computer screen, 'cuz those ain't pixels. They be legos.
As are those. not the people, the pumpkin...
Legos in 3-D!

Who gave him a liscence???
Super-sized baby. No. Wait, Mini Washington DC...
they're all so MINI!
hanging with gramps.
Use the Legos. I mean, the FORCE!
Visiting great-grandma+pa Muir!

the young and the old
and the fearlessly bold.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lizzie Made a Goal!

Lizzie has played soccer for 2 seasons now and last Friday night, she scored her very first GOAL!!! She was SOOO excited and proud of herself - and we were too! Go Lizzie!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Now for something current...

It's cool enough to swim finally! (I'm only exaggerating a little bit here.) We had Aaron and Rachel over to kick off the start to Fall Break!
Karate Jump!
Did I mention we have a new pet, Marvelous the Fish?
AND, it was Wacky Hair Day at school:

What fun!