Sunday, August 28, 2011

I need a Retreat...

I came home late last night and went in Ivy's room to tuck her in. She was giving her report:

"I said my prayers very sinceriously tonight."

She also told Lizzie yesterday that she was "scared out of her nerds" which I think is a combo of "nerves" and "wits", and I think it's great. I've definitely been "scared out of my nerds before, too.

We just got through the craziest choir week - we hashed out the recording this week and our annual retreat was this weekend, which was a raging success, but as always, ragingly exhausting as well. :)
Adam is leaving for San Fran tomorrow, and I'm not ready for a week without him! I hope we make it!

From today: Eli is a builder.
One of Ivy's dearest friends, Sophie, moved today. She practically lived here during the summer. I fed her many meals and she was a very good playmate of Ivy's. We will miss her!
(The last line says "I hope you like orange - No or Yes")
And we went to the Mesa Temple tonight as a family. We saw the Reflecting Pool, which is a favorite, and the evening dusk was so beautiful tonight.

I love my family!

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