Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big news in the Palmer Family

The Palmers had 2 arrivals in March:

Baby Maria Elizabeth Morley born to Erin and John on March 14th, 2011! Isn't she beautiful!

Sweet new family:
AND, Elder Matt Palmer, missionary from Japan, came home on March 18th! (He's the one in the middle. They took this in one shot!)

Matt's arrival made the news. You see the huge family with the big flag making a proper raucous? Um, that's not us. So, since we Stewarts are in Phoenix, Erin's in VA and David's in CA. And Maria was born that week, so Mom was out in VA with Erin, Whitney was on a dance company tour to CA, so it was just my dad with his mini flag there to welcome Matt home!!
I mean, yeah Matt, we all wanted you to make more YouTube movies as soon as you got home, but I didn't think you would take us LITERALLY!!!
Can't wait to see you!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Mutinous Birthday for Lizzie

Welcome to Lizzie's 11th Birthday Party! It's a Mystery, Pirate Style.

If you dare to enter, you must walk the plank.
This is what the last Party Host looks like now:
Some of the snacks included Peg Legs (carrots), Octopus legs (Gummy Worms), Goldfish, Pirate's Teeth (yellow corn), Golden Nuggets (Hershey's nugget candies), and our favorite, Jellied Ocean with sunken treasure (blue Jello with diced peaches).
The Birthday "cake"

Now, let's introduce the characters: The notorious Captain Unibrow Petra (played by the Fantastic Alyssa Pike!)
Swashbuckler Sam (The Birthday Girl!)

Hook-Handed Holly (Nicolette)
Clam Bait (Eric)
Sleep Simon (Kaley) - love the beard!!
Nauseas Nikki (Audrey)
Kemo Swabby (Ashley)
Peg-Leg Chester (Jacob)
One-Eyed Wally (Ryan)
Pan-Head Pat (aka Sarah)
Toothless Terry (aka Sarah)
Mud, the Cook (aka Chris)
The Entire Crew
Now one of these innocent-looking underlings threw Capt. Unibrow overboard. Luckily, she was saved, and now she wants to know WHODUNNIT! Through 6 rounds of clues, the motives and suspicions unfolded.

Time to break for pirate snacks and swashbuckling practice.


Awaiting their turn on deck...
The swarthy mates
Look out, Lizzie!

Now it's time to find out who the overboard-throwing buccaneers were!! It coulda been her. (Kemo Swabby)
Mighta been him. (Clam Bait)
Or Peg Leg Chester, or maybe Swashbuckler Sam...
Definitely could have been One-Eyed Wally...

In the end, it was 3 villianous Pirates - Nauseas Nikki (Audrey), Sleepy Simon (Kaley), and Toothless Terry (Sarah). BUT they decided to all commit mutiny and make the scurvy Captain Unibrow Petra WALK THAT PLANK!
To the Fathoms below!
Hooray! Naught but her bandanna is left now...

I guess the Captain can't have ALL the fun! Happy Birthday Lizzie!